Tenant Services


  • All Emergencies: 911
  • Management Office: (952) 838-3730
  • After Hours Building Emergency Number: (952) 838-3730
  • Security: (952) 232-7844
  • Local Police Department: (952) 563-8700
  • Police Department (Emergency): (952) 563-4900
  • Fire Department: (952) 563-8933
  • Fairview Southdale Hospital: (952) 924-5000
  • City of Bloomington (water): (952) 563-4905
  • CenterPoint Energy (gas): (612)-372-5050
  • Xcel Energy: (800) 895-1999
  • Tenants have 24/7 access to Bell Plaza.
  • The building is open to the public Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Your mailing address is:
Your Firm Name (or individual name)
3800 American Boulevard West, Suite Number
Bloomington, MN 55431

The outgoing mailboxes are located on the first floor and lower level; the scheduled pick up is at 4:30 PM each afternoon. There are no scheduled pick-ups on Saturday or Sunday.

The FedEx drop box is located on the first floor. Packages are picked up each afternoon. Check the drop box for current pick-up times. There are no scheduled pick-ups on Saturday or Sunday.

The UPS drop box is located on the lower level. Packages are picked up each afternoon. Check the drop box for current pick-up times. There are no scheduled pick-ups on Saturday or Sunday.

Incoming mail is delivered daily to tenant suites Monday through Friday.

FedEx packages are delivered directly to tenants by FedEx whenever possible. If no one is available in your suite to sign for a package, the package will be returned to the local FedEx office. You may make prior arrangements with the Management Office.

UPS packages are delivered directly to tenants by UPS whenever possible. If no one is available in your suite to sign for a package, the package will be returned to the local UPS office. You may make prior arrangements with the Management Office.

If deliveries require the use of two or four wheel dollies, carts or other types of conveyances, please notify delivery personnel to use the loading dock and freight elevator. The delivery dock is located on the lower level on the north side of the building.

All large deliveries must be scheduled in advance through the Management Office.

Rent should be paid by the first day of each calendar month during the term of your lease.
Please send checks to the following address:
Sterling Northland, LLC
c/o Cushman & Wakefield
SDS-12-2659, PO Box 86
Minneapolis, MN 55486-2659

Contact the Management Office for ACH and FED wire instructions and other inquiries:
Sunny Bang      

The conference rooms are for exclusive use of Bell Plaza tenants only. Maximum capacity for the large conference room is 50 and for the small conference room, 16.

Reservations for the conference room are accepted, by an authorized customer representative, up to and within six months in advance of the day requested. Reservations beyond 6 months will not be accepted.

Reservations are taken on only a “First Come, First Serve” basis within the six month time frame. Each tenant may not exceed more than ten reserved days in the given six month time frame. If Landlord is unable to provide use of the conference facility for a confirmed reserved date, its only obligation would be to use reasonable efforts to provide an alternate location within the subject property. If tenant finds that the alternate location is not acceptable, tenant may cancel their reservation without penalty.

Tenant shall take appropriate measures to keep the event activities from interfering with or causing undue nuisance to the tenants or occupants of the building surrounding the conference facility.

Making a Reservation
You can make your request for a reservation on-line at by clicking on the Tenant Request tab and filling in the appropriate information. If you are not aware of your log on ID and password you may contact the Management Office to obtain it. Once the request has been confirmed you will receive an email confirmation stating so.

The conference rooms are available Monday through Friday. The conference room reservations are a fee based service.

Any requests for other time frames, weekend or after-hours reservations will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the property manager.

Room Set-ups
For the Minneapolis Conference Room there are three established room set-ups to choose from:

  • Conference/Board Room: 24 seats
  • Training: 26 seats
  • Panel/Lecture: 50 seats

The St. Paul Conference Room has 8 tables/16 chairs, and tenants may arrange the rooms in their own configuration if preferred.

The conference room fee will be billed to the tenant requesting use of the facility. These charges are subject to the same late fee structure as contained in your lease agreement. Payment should be sent to the remittance address on your monthly rent statement.

To ensure the best possible room availability for all building tenants, cancellations MUST be made one business day in advance of the reservation date or you will incur the expense of the reservation submitted.

The building conference room will be opened for you in advance of the event.

After Your Event
The tenant must remove all materials and items brought into the room by the tenant. Landlord is not responsible for any items placed within this facility prior to, during, or following an event.

The room should be left in a clean condition with trash placed in receptacles. Any excessive cleaning or repairs necessary to accommodate the next tenant will be billed back to the responsible tenant.

The building ownership provides a smoke-free environment for its tenants and its visitors.  

Smoking is permitted only in the designated area on the second level of the parking ramp.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes), candles, incense and open flames are not permitted in any portion of the building. This includes but is not limited to restrooms, hallways, elevators, stairwells, executive parking garage, loading dock area, and inside tenant suites. In addition, smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of the building’s entrances.

Smoking policy and enforcement are sensitive issues for everyone. We are requesting each tenant’s assistance in informing your employees, contractors, and visitors of the smoking policy and require them to respectfully dispose of their cigarette butts in the proper ash tray provided in lieu of landscape areas (i.e. plant beds or flowerpots), sidewalks, or the parking lot as this creates potential fire hazard and unclean appearance. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation with this request.

If you experience a problem within your suite that requires maintenance assistance and/or repair, please have your representative use the online tenant request system or call the Management Office at (952) 838-3730.

  • Provide representative name, company name, and suite number.
  • Describe the problem as accurately possible.

The Management Office will address the problem as soon as possible, sending someone to assist you or making whatever other arrangements are necessary. If the repair or maintenance work is not the landlord’s responsibility, then the customer will be charged for such work at landlord’s cost plus appropriate mark-up. Please make your service request directly to the Management Office. Maintenance personnel are required to receive instructions and assignments from the Management Office only. This procedure helps the Management Office keep track of your requests and ensure that they are resolved in a timely fashion.

If you need light bulbs or ballasts installed, please contact the Management Office.

New tenants receive 2 keys per lock set. You can purchase additional keys from the Management Office. Requests for lock work, except for desks and filing cabinets, should be made to the Management Office. Alterations to locks can be made only with approval from the Management Office. If you need to activate or deactivate a keycard, please contact the Management Office.


Parking is available in the three story ramp on the east side of the building. Administration and operation of the garage is directed by the Management Office.

Tenants may use the parking ramp and executive garage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parking spaces in the ramp are available on a non-reserved basis. Executive garage reserved spaces may be arranged through the Management Office.

Although the ramp and executive garage are patrolled by security personnel, Cushman & Wakefield is not responsible for vehicle theft or damage. Please lock your vehicle at all times, and do not leave it in the garage overnight. If an overnight stay becomes necessary, please notify the Management Office.

  • Visitor parking is available on the first level of the ramp.
  • A two hour limit has been placed on these parking spaces.
  • Bike racks available in the parking ramp.
  • No bicycles are allowed in the building.


  • Security Office: (612) 232-7844
  • Management Office: (952) 838-3730

Normal operating hours for the building are:
Monday – Friday: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM -1:00 PM
Sunday and Holidays: Closed

After-hours and weekend access to the building is limited to the glass front doors that open onto the second floor main lobby (skyway level). Anyone entering the building during after business hours will need an access card and is also required to sign in and out at the security desk. Elevators will operate only with proper access cards.

Please provide the Management Office with a list of the names and home phone numbers of at least three individuals who may be called to authorize admittance of an employee into the building without an access card.  These individuals would also be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Tenant employees and guests or service employees must be provided with a key to office areas by the tenant. Tenants can request additional keys from the Management Office for a small fee.

Tenants locked out of their space after hours will only be allowed access if the tenant’s emergency contact authorizes such action.

Suite entrances are unlocked during regular business hours. Although we try to maintain a secure working environment, many people enter the building every day, and we cannot guarantee complete safety. You can take several preventive measures to keep your area more secure.  For example:

  • Lock all doors when leaving your suite unattended.
  • Instruct employees to keep valuables in secured areas (locked desks, file cabinets or closets) when leaving them unattended.
  • Always keep safes, vaults, strongboxes or similar devices locked, particularly when unattended. Do not divulge combinations of safes or vaults.  Do not leave combinations where they can be found or easily deciphered.
  • Notify the Management Office if you see loiterers, peddlers or canvassers on the premises.
  • Record serial numbers of all valuable office equipment. If anything is stolen or missing, a record of serial numbers will aid in the recovery of the items.
  • Check wastebaskets at the end of the day to ensure that no items of value have been left there.

After normal business hours, please make sure that all entry doors to your suite are locked. It is also a good practice to keep all entrance doors other than the main entrance to your suite locked at all times.

Do not allow anyone to follow you into the building after business hours. Anyone authorized to enter the building after normal business hours will do so without problems. If you encounter someone having problems gaining entrance into the building, do not let them in. Instead, contact the management office at 952-838-3730 or security at 612-232-7844 for appropriate assistance. 

The Management Office recommends that you keep all personal valuables locked up. Although the security staff patrols the building throughout the day and night, we cannot guarantee the safety of unsecured valuables or personal items.

The security personnel will accompany anyone requesting an escort to their car in the parking ramp and will remain until the car has started. Call security at 952-232-7844.

Canvassing, soliciting, peddling and loitering are not allowed within the building. If you are approached by a solicitor of any kind, or if you observe an individual engaged in such activities, contact the Management Office immediately.

Any suspicious activities should be reported immediately to the Management Office during regular working hours or the security desk after building hours. Security personnel are generally powerless to assist or take police action in criminal matters in a tenant space. During business hours, management personnel will escort the police officers directly to your suite.


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