Get a Sneak Peek at Our New Spaces

If you haven’t enjoyed Bell Plaza’s common areas recently, it’s time to pay us a visit. This year, our atrium and conference rooms were extensively renovated to provide tenants and their guests modern, flexible gathering spaces where they can collaborate, focus, and inspire.

Brand New Atrium Coming in January 2021

Already bright and airy, Bell Plaza’s atrium is being transformed into a space that’s lighter, brighter, and more usable for tenants. The planters and water features have been replaced with a large central hearth that welcomes tenants and guests into the space for one-on-one meetings or deep focus work.

Custom-designed furniture placed throughout the atrium offers flexible gathering spaces that can be arranged to accommodate groups and provide adequate social distancing. Timeless furniture design and bold artwork and lighting fixtures add style and color to our beautiful and functional new atrium.

Bell Plaza Lobby Renovation Coming Soon

Renovated Conference Rooms Invite Productivity

The Bell Plaza conference rooms also received updates. Both the Minneapolis room and the Saint Paul room feature brighter lighting, new furniture, and a modern color scheme for a clean and fresh look. Gray-blue walls and white tables encourage focus, while tangerine chairs add a pop of color to inspire creativity.

In addition to these updates, the Minneapolis room now has a new space just outside its door to facilitate breakout sessions and offer meeting participants a place to gather and relax after their event. Modular furniture features charging stations for phones, tablets, and other devices.

Bell Plaza is excited to offer these beautiful and functional new spaces to our tenants and guests. To reserve a conference room or get updates on the atrium project, contact our management team today.

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